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The shipping industry has forgotten the human element in service.

Sherpack’s Fulfillment Guide involves you in every step of your shipping process, keeping you in the know and in control of your customers’ fulfillment.

E-commerce Fulfillment

Agile fulfillment solutions for your online orders.

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Retail Fulfillment

Fulfillment that prepares your products and items for store shelves everywhere.

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Subscription Box Fulfillment

We will assemble your products just the way you want them – safe and secure.

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Customized Kitting

We specialize in custom kitting. Anything from gift sets, to custom bundles.

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You'll work directly with our fulfillment experts to realize your project to completion.

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  1. The human element: Sherpack believes in people talking to people. When you call a Sherpack office, you will not be answered by automation – you’ll be greeted and helped by a human being – a genuine professional ready to talk and meet your fulfillment needs. At Sherpack, communication between people matters.
  2. Agility: Sherpack does whatever it takes to fulfill our client’s needs. That means conforming our services to your specific circumstances. No matter what your fulfillment needs are, we will find a way to meet those needs and guide you to fulfillment success.
  3. Authentic partnership: Sherpack knows that successful fulfillment is more than just successful warehousing and packaging. At Sherpack, we believe that successful fulfillment is peace-of-mind for you – confidence and trust that your needs are being met. Our fulfillment strives to support and improve your business growth.


Sherpack always goes above and beyond what we ask. Whether it’s a routine shipment, or something that has to go out right away for a really important customer. They are always responsive and make sure that the job is done right, and quickly. It never seems like we’re ever putting them out when we ask for them to put together big orders, or to get an order out when it’s close to closing time. We appreciate the relationship we have with them!


Duke Cannon


Going through the selection process for a fulfillment and shipping partner was a difficult process, but we are happy to were able to find Sherpack (WAFUSA logistics). We chose Sherpack because they were small enough to care about us personally, but large enough to handle processing entire truckloads in a matter of hours. We are proud to say that over a year into our partnership with Sherpack, and thousands of shipments later, we have not been notified of even one single outbound shipping error. This is on par with the excellence we require in order to meet the high customer expectations in today's competitive business landscape, and this gives us the confidence that we can continue to scale with Sherpack for many years to come.

Alex Gilbert

President, BrightCare Direct


Sherpack (WAFUSA Logistics) is the best warehouse and fulfillment center OSTRICHPILLOW has partnered with in the US. Our items are stored in excellent condition, the staff is responsive and friendly, and they’ve opened up new shipping and distribution opportunities for our brand - all at a better price than the competition.

Mario Da Silva

Studio Banana

Duke Cannon, a grooming supply company, had only one pallet of product when they reached out to Sherpack.
Studio Banana is a cutting-edge design firm based out of Spain. Studio Banana needed a fulfillment company that would help launch a new product: OSTRICHPILLOW.
TOOLETRIES is an innovative men’s grooming/accessories storage company devoted to bringing calm, serenity, and organization to men’s bathrooms - and lives.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you link with all shopping carts?
Yes, we do. The majority of them have a built-in connection, and if they do not, we can build out the integration ourselves.
Do you have minimum monthly fee?
For storage, we have no minimums, storage costs are based on how much product you have in our facility. For Pick and Pack fees the minimum amount per month must be equal to the minimum amount of storage. This minimum allows us to work hard on providing quality customer service and allows us to keep our software updated, providing the best possible service to all of our Pick and Pack customers.
Can Sherpack ship any type of product?
Our personal shipping consultant will look over your product and determine the best method for shipping your product to your customer with your end goal in mind.
Does Sherpack handle Special Kitting, Gift Sets, and Subscription Boxes?
Yes, we specialize in customized kitting and we love to help clients with pricing on boxes, PDQs, and customized kits in order to give the best results to the end customers.